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“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”

– Brené Brown

Moving toward a Healthier you!

Eating Disorder & Disordered Eating

We know it’s not easy to ask for help. Our approach is to help you understand your eating disorder and create a non-judgmental environment for you to explore everything from your obstacles, fears, milestones and successes.

Fueling the body is an essential part of healing the body and mind. Our dietitians will work with you or your loved one on an individual basis to offer support, ideas, guidance, and resources that will help make this challenging time a little easier.

We understand that no eating disorder is the same and neither is our approach. For some people this situation is their “normal” while for others it feels disruptive and unfamiliar. We are here to give guidance and support  to work towards achieving or getting back to eating based on your body’s needs. Over the long term we will help you or your loved one take a more mindful approach to eating.

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Your Dietitian is on your team.

Much like having a doctor to assess your physical needs and a therapist to support your mental health, having a dietitian on your team adds another layer to assist you in your journey and recovery. We will work with your current care team and provide assistance with meal ideas, support, and education.

We take a mindful approach and work on a goal of more intuitive eating over time. We will also take into account other obstacles you may be dealing with (busy schedules, stomach issues, food aversions, cooking skills).

Your insurance may cover nutrition services with a Registered Dietitian.


Connect with a Dietitian

Disclosure- while working with a registered dietitian can be a helpful step in ED treatment, it should not be the only step. Working with a medical doctor as well as a mental health professional is going to be an equally necessary part of treatment/recovery. Your dietitian may be able to assist you in finding these other elements of your care team.