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Nurse Practitioner Consultation

Nutrition in Motion and The Right Weigh program offer in office consultations with advanced registered Nurse Practitioners.

In these sessions you’ll discuss weight management, risk factor reduction, nutritional support and overall health and wellness.

Our Nurse Practitioners utilize advanced testing to determine any potential barriers to optimal health and wellness, working collaboratively with dietitians and therapist to treat you in a comprehensive and individual fashion. They can also provide recommendations to your primary care team.

Whether you want to have more energy, lose weight, or need information to prevent or manage a medical condition, the Nurse Practitioners at Nutrition in Motion can help.

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What to Expect at Your Initial Consultation


The initial assessment involves a thorough review of current and past medical history, laboratory test results, family history, lifestyle, and health goals. We will do a complete analysis of the above information, recommend appropriate testing and suggestions for supplementation and provide a detailed strategy for your success.

The Nurse Practitioner will custom-design a lifestyle plan to help you achieve your goals. We know each client comes with a different set of circumstances. Single mom with kids? Businessperson who travels? Demanding lifestyle with family history of heart conditions? We take into consideration cultural, socioeconomic, financial, work, and lifestyle demands when designing your program. These consultations are generally billed through insurance.

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Some of the Specialized Testing We Offer

Food Sensitivity

Food Sensitivity Testing: Many individuals struggle with undiagnosed food sensitivities. Continued exposure to particular foods may create multiple physical symptoms (bloating, brain fog, fatigue) and also lead to chronic inflammation. This can lead to difficulty losing weight.

If you are following a healthy diet and struggling with weight loss or generally aren’t feeling well, you may want to consider a Food Sensitivity test. This testing is ordered by one of our Nurse Practitioners during an office consultation. Once results are available, you will meet with one of our Registered Dietitians to review them and formulate a plan for healthy eating.


Stress, stress, stress!!! We all have it. Chronic exposure leads to difficulty balancing the body’s own stress hormones. If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and not getting answers, this saliva test may be appropriate for you and can be ordered by one of our providers.

Boston Heart Diagnostics

Boston Heart Diagnostics is transforming the treatment of cardiovascular disease by providing healthcare providers and their patients with unique, personalized diagnostics. This testing far exceeds the traditional lipid panels, in looking at risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Generally this is covered by insurance, with minimal out of pocket expense. This testing can be ordered by one of our Nurse Practitioners during a consultation. Follow up will be coordinated and recommendations will be made based on results with our team of providers and dietitians.


Insurance Coverage for Nutrition Services is Improving Every Day

In many cases, even with high deductible plans, insurance companies will pay for unlimited visits with no copay. Be sure to check with your particular insurance plan to understand your specific coverage.