Hope Severa, RD, LD
    I have spent my career in dietetics working to inspire others to find the same love and passion for food that I have. I believe that finding the motivation to create lifestyle change is the key to success in health. Following my graduation from University of Akron’s Coordinated Program in Dietetics in 2012, I worked clinically and within the community until finding my niche as a food service manager. Throughout my career in management, I encountered many individuals who were ready to embrace change and many who still needed to find the motivation. I think that learning how to help others feel inspired and motivated has been my greatest strength and accomplishment in managing. I have used it to help my areas of management reach their goals in business; now I would like to use that strength to help individuals reach their goals of health. 

    Outside of my professional life, I live to spend time with my three young boys and my husband. They all keep me busy and loved, and also enjoy my passion for feeding others!