Mona Alley, RD, LD, NBC-HWC

Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach ready to walk beside you on your health and wellness path.

I have been practicing dietetics in Maine for over 25 years in a wide variety of settings. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients from all walks of life. My approach has become one that focuses on foods to eat instead of making mealtime a math equation, listening not lecturing, and coaching to help you get out of your own way. I enjoy translating the science of nutrition into foods you put on your plate and helping you learn to tame the frenzy in your brain to make room for real change.

Whether you are living with a chronic disease or looking to improve your overall health and energy level, we will break your plan into small achievable steps. You will begin building your confidence as you start to feel the benefits of your dietary and habit changes. If past attempts at changing your habits have left you feeling demoralized, welcome to your no-judgment zone. We will look back at those times to gather knowledge, understand motivators and strategies that worked while leaving the rest in the dust! You will not be forced to do anything instead, we will start where you are ready to change and move forward from there!

I use strategies including functional nutrition, meal planning, behavior change, and health coaching to help you find your path to wellness.