Tierra Carter, RD, LDN

    Hello! My name is Tierra, I am an anti-diet, weight neutral, registered dietitian, licensed nutritionist residing in the sunshine state of Florida. I teach how eat mindfully and optimally with evidence-based principles that will make you feel a new and freeing feeling of confidence in yourself.

    A little background about me is that I have always been an athlete judged by what I ate and my body’s shape and size. I now have been able to live healthier, love and respect my body, and find food freedom. Along the way, I have also  personally managed to improve her lipids, blood pressure, relationship with food and find a stable weight without obsessing over what I eat.

     I have helped over 300 people with their health and have been an athlete all my life raised with food insecurity and unhealthy eating behaviors and ideals. My practice is based on individualization, simplicity and sustainability. Something that sets me apart from other nutritional coaches is that I prioritize mental health including our relationship with food, body positivity, and mindset.

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    IG: @TierrCarterRD
    Website: www.NutriRev.org