Wendy Lehman, RD, CPT

    I earned my BS in Food and Nutrition at Florida State University completed an internship at the Medical College of Georgia and am currently a student in a graduate health and nutrition education program.

    My first experience working as Registered Dietitian began in the hospital setting and after 5 years a certified nutrition support dietitian working primarily in intensive care. Although I loved the fast-paced clinical world, I realized I belonged working in an environment where I could help individuals be more active in achieving their health goals. Through my personal experience I have taken a complementary approach to healthcare, working with clients to bring about optimal health through nutrition.

    I enjoy coaching individuals using integrative strategies to improve chronic conditions and achieve weight loss in a more sustainable way. I am enthusiastic about teaching others on how they can eat well, move more, and change their thinking to live the life they envision. Incorporating new genetic data, specific tests and knowledge of the microbiome can now allow for more personalized plans but foremost   is the impact of individual lifestyle and environment; these are crucial factors in customizing a health and nutrition plan.

    I provide health and nutrition coaching for individuals with chronic disease, weight management , GI conditions and immune disorders. My areas of interest are food sensitivities, nutrition for fitness and chronic pain.