• Meal Planning Made Easy

    by Jennifer Wall
    10 Lessons
    • Meal Planning Made Easy - $300.00

    Meal planning can be overwhelming! Don’t let that stop you from achieving your goals. This 4 part course is designed to help you navigate meal planning as a part of your life not something that gets in the way. Learn tools, tricks and strategies from a chef dietitian that has dedicated her practice to helping […]

  • Kick-Start Your Health

    by Jennifer Wall
    11 Lessons
    • Kick-Start Your Health - $300.00

    Kick-start your health with this 4 part course designed to help you understand the basics of nutrition for overall health. Follow the modules to learn how to incorporate healthy foods into your routine without the need to sacrifice your favorite foods or eliminate any major food groups! This package includes 4 online modules for you […]

  • Mindfulness

    by Jennifer Wall
    9 Lessons
    • Mindfulness - $300.00

    Incorporating mindfulness practices into your routine may be the key to success! Stress and emotions are a natural part of our daily lives but they do not need to rule our habits and routines. Break the cycle of mindless eating and understand how to overcome these obstacles to your success! This package includes 3 online […]