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Plantation, FL 33324

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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301



Luanna Rivera, RD, LD

Specialties: Weight management, meal planning, chronic disease prevention & management, Certified Motivational Interviewing & Intuitive Eating Counselor, pediatric nutrition & child feeding dynamics, pregnancy, lactation & women’s health, oncology nutrition, nutritional genomics & personalized diet

Locations: Fort Laudertale, FL; Plantation, FL; Worksite Wellness; Tele-Health


Erica Cirovic, RDN, LD

Specialties: weight management and weight loss, bariatric surgery, chronic disease
management and prevention, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, wellness.

Location: Plantation, FL; Worksite Wellness; Tele-Health


Tierra Carter, RD, LDN

Specialties: Sports nutrition, chronic disease prevention, meal planning, body positivity

Locations: Port St Lucie, FL; Worksite Wellness; Tele-Health


Ariel Rasabi, RDN, LD

Specialties: Gastrointestinal diseases and digestive health, food intolerances, chronic disease prevention, pediatric nutrition, cystic fibrosis, diabetes management, meal planning, and weight management.

Locations: Plantation, FL; Worksite Wellness; Tele-Health


Krystin Zehring, RD, LD

Specialties: Chronic disease prevention and management, medical nutrition therapy, pediatric nutrition and feeding dynamics, oncology nutrition, diabetes management, weight loss and weight management, meal planning and preparation

Locations: Ocala, FL; Worksite Wellness; Tele-Health


Christine Appel, MS, RD, LD

Specialties: Weight management, digestive disorders, diabetes management and prevention, cardiovascular health, addiction, oncology, geriatric nutrition

Locations: Palm Beach Gardens, FL; Worksite Wellness; Tele-Health


Shannon Parks, CPH, RDN, LD, MPH

Specialties: Intuitive eating, GI dysfunction, food intolerance and allergy, thyroid disorder/disease, cardiovascular health, prenatal and postpartum nutrition, weight management, chronic disease management (except CKD)

Locations: Clearwater, FL; Worksite Wellness; Tele-Health