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Metabolism Testing

Metabolism Testing with the MedGem® indirect calorimeter by Microlife; a handheld portable device that determines a person’s resting metabolic rate (RMR)*.

Metabolism testing is the most accurate way to determine exactly how many calories an individual should be consuming and is instrumental in developing an accurate and personalized nutrition plan.

Typically a person’s calorie needs are estimated by plugging numbers into a standardized formula. These formulas don’t take into consideration the individual factors that contribute to metabolism, such as muscle mass, insulin resistance and thyroid function.

The MedGem® test is a simple respiratory test that is fast (7 to 10 minutes), and gives immediate results.

Metabolism testing for:


Weight Loss

Weight loss is based on calories in vs. calories out therefore it is vital to establish your calorie needs at the start of your program. As you lose weight and begin to exercise your metabolism changes. Re-measuring your metabolism with MedGem regularly throughout your journey allows you to avoid frustrating weight loss plateaus.


Athletic Performance

Athletes tend to have more variability in their metabolic needs due to their unique body composition. Therefore calories are best determined through MedGem rather than through traditional formulas.

So, whether you are trying to lose weight, training for an athletic event, or are just curious about how many calories your body needs to survive, the MedGem resting metabolic rate test is for you.


Disease Management

The prevention and management of chronic diseases is highly dependent upon the weight status of the individual. Maintaining and, in some cases, gaining weight is ideal. Conditions such as thyroid disorder, cardio-pulmonary conditions, HIV, AIDS, and cancer cause a person’s metabolic rate to either increase or decrease. Even medications have an effect. In these conditions, “guessing” at how many calories a person needs can have a drastic effect on the outcome.

MedGem takes the guesswork out of the equation and allows us to know exactly how many calories you personally need to best manage your health.