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Nutrition and Wellness Programs

On-site, online and hybrid programs available!

Nutrition in Motion offers multi-week comprehensive wellness programs designed to help people make permanent lifestyle changes. These programs teach the necessary skills to make healthy decisions in order to improve health and overall quality of life.

Nutrition in Motion works with each employer to customize a program to meet the needs of their group. All programs combine group education with individual meetings with a Registered Dietitian to customize the program and empower individual behavior change.

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Employer Benefits:

  • Improved workplace morale and team spirit
  • Reduced direct health care costs
  • Lower indirect costs (i.e. value of wages lost by people unable to work due to illness or disability)
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Lowered rates of disability
  • Reduced Worker’s Compensation claims

Participant Benefits:

  • More energy
  • Improved productivity
  • Healthier lifestyle and food choices
  • Weight loss and/or weight management
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Lowered risk of chronic disease (i.e. diabetes, hypertension, cancer, heart disease)
  • Awareness of disease management tools
  • Reduced annual medical expenditures

Our Flagship Program

Eat Well and Thrive

  1. Metabolism – What is It and How to Increase Yours
  2. Know Your Risk Factors
  3. Carb Smart
  4. Heart Health
  5. Meal Planning and Healthy Cooking Skills
  6. The Importance of Physical Activity
  7. Eating Out and Eating On-The-Run
  8. Class Review

Classes can range from 30 minutes to one hour and can be offered anytime during the day to accommodate your employees’ schedules.

Each class includes a PowerPoint presentation, handout or activity, and question and answer session.

All participants will receive a personal program binder which will include copies of all PowerPoint presentations, additional handouts and take home worksheets for each module.

1-on-1 Nutrition Counseling


In conjunction with the Eat Well and Thrive Program, Nutrition in Motion also offers individual nutritional counseling** to all participants. This counseling includes:

  • Review of client family history and personal risk factors
  • Assessment of clients metabolic needs and health history
  • Development of individual meal planning & medical nutrition therapy programs customized to each client’s needs

Visit our 1-on-1 Nutrition Counseling page to learn more about the benefits of this service.

**Individual Counseling is optional but is highly recommended to achieve optimum results.