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Nutrition Talks

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Nutrition talks are a great way to provide your employees with up to date nutrition information in a supportive group environment. Nutrition in Motion’s Registered and Licensed Dietitians are ready to present the most current nutrition and health information to your organization or group. We know it is challenging to sift through the conflicting information out there and include healthy choices into a busy working lifestyle. Our job is to help distinguish fact from fiction and help your employees incorporate realistic changes. Choose from one of our many topics or work with one of our Registered Dietitians to individualize a presentation just for our workplace.

Our On-Site Nutrition Talks are designed to be entertaining, interactive, and to create a learning mindset. We cover topics relevant to your group, office, or medical practice, and include the topics listed as well as others that you may request.

Lunch and Learns and classes for employees taught by nutrition experts!

Our topics include:

  • Meal Planning / Cooking Demonstration
  • Virtual Supermarket Tour
  • General Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Understanding Commercial/Fad Diets
  • Nutrition for Optimal Performance
  • Nutrition and Wellness – Preventing Chronic Diseases
  • Healthy Eating for Parents and Children
  • Metabolic Testing and Understanding your Metabolic Rate
  • Making the Most of your Exercise Opportunities at Work
  • Thyroid / Adrenal Fatigue
  • Celiac Disease
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What Others Say about Our Worksite Wellness Programs

  • Thank you for your commitment to the program and always giving 110%

  • The program implementation was professional and adapted to our company’s needs. The handouts enhanced the program tremendously and, because Nutrition in Motion provided the binder for the handouts, we each now have a reference book to refer to as needed. I would highly recommend to any company to use Nutrition in Motion as part of their wellness program. Kudos to Nutrition in Motion!

  • I would like to personally thank you so much for setting up this program for us it was very successful and everyone that participated was very happy with it. It has changed a lot of our perspective on what we provide to our employees for food. Traci was awesome and everyone loved her, she has unlimited knowledge and was able to really help a lot of our employees with issues that they had.

  • I am writing to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with Laura the past few months. She did a great job with our Holiday Challenge – everyone who participated loved her! Also, I was quite impressed with the posters she created for the NHDOT to help out our folks who drive snow plows during the winter. I am sure they will go a long to helping them make better nutritional choices! We are currently discussing other Nutrition in Motion programs with which she may be able to help us in the coming months and I am looking forward to seeing their roll-out. I just wanted you to know that, from my perspective, you have an excellent employee!

    Joe, NH DOT Worksite Wellness
  • I wanted to check in with you and share the good report from my doctor this month – My labs show a great improvement in my cholesterol , went from 251 down to 225 ( WITH NO MEDICATION) and I have been able to maintain my weight loss at 15 lbs and holding ! I have a follow-up in about 4 months and will continue to work on improving and am swimming 2-3 times per week. I definitely want to stick with the Nutrition program in 2019 and am hopeful and confident to reach my goals . This experience has been such an eye-opening and motivator for me. Thanks to you for your help and expertise!

    Mary, Worksite Wellness Participant
  • After 2 weeks of Eat Well & Thrive at WGBH, we had to fully transition the program online in light of our new work from home policy. Employees have been enjoying virtual appointments with the dietitian and tuning into weekly virtual classes. Nutrition in Motion provided all the support that we needed to ensure that employees were able to make the virtual transition with ease. The convenience and flexibility of telehealth has ensured that all employees can participate no matter their schedule. We have found it to be especially beneficial to receive this support to better our health during this time of uncertainty!