Christiane Matey, MSHS, RDN, LDN, ABAAHP

Christiane Matey: Founder of Mint Nutrition, licensed nutritionist, registered dietitian, mother and chef.

I’m obsessed with really good food and living a healthy lifestyle in Mooresville, North Carolina. My early struggles with body image, weight and gastrointestinal issues (which might be similar to yours) led me to study integrative nutrition, which is a whole person approach to empowering people to feel better and make lasting changes. Basically, I’m trained to help you learn about good nutrition and take control of your life with knowledge and accountability.

Parented by two hard-working chefs, I grew up in the restaurant biz in a small town in New Hampshire – the restaurant was downstairs and we lived upstairs. I was my father’s shadow in the kitchen and became enamored with cooking and food at a young age. To say the least, I grew up in a culinary whirlwind. While my food-centric childhood led me to become a chef, dietitian and integrative nutritionist, I also experienced early trauma that resulted in struggles — with my body, with my weight and with GI issues. Most days felt like an uphill battle, yet it was this difficult part of the puzzle that ultimately inspired me to help others through food, lifestyle and nutrition. Needless to say, my simultaneously joyful and complicated relationship with food and my body have brought me where I am today. They are part of my history and who I am as a whole person, and they are what fuel me to empower others to find their best self through holistic nutrition, integrative medicine and overall mind-body wellness.

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