Reed Zatlow, MS, RD

    Reed Zatlow, MS, RD, Founder Getting Functional

    Reed grew up in South Florida playing sports, and was always interested in nutrition and performance. He graduated Florida State University in 2001 with a degree in Nutrition and spent several years as a personal trainer and performance coach. Motivated by the tragedy America suffered on 9/11 He enlisted in the US Navy and spent several years as a Hospital Corpsman. In 2010, he was medically retired from the military after injuries he suffered from deployment. For several years after he fell into severe depression, became addicted to opiates, sleeping pills and alcohol.

    Reed’s rock bottom hit after an overdose in 2013. In his search for help he found a Functional Medicine doctor who helped him get off medication and stay away from alcohol though diet, exercise and supplements. This prompted him to return to college to become a Registered Dietitian and attain a MS degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine. This remains the foundation of his life, helping him remain medication free.

    Focusing on nutrition, exercise, supplements, and other unconventional means, Reed has remained clean and healthy, and uses his experiences in life to help others who struggle with addiction and poor quality of life. Along with areas such as functional nutrition, exercise programming, immune and gastrointestinal disorders, weight loss and behavior change, Reed enjoys focusing on men’s health and hormone optimization, addiction therapy, and military veterans health issues.

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