April Callahan RDN, LDN
    • Credentials/Education: Drexel University – Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science
    • Registered Dietitian, Licensed in DE, MD
    • Specialty Areas: Weight Management, Diabetes Prevention and Management
    • Languages: English

    April Callahan is a licensed Registered Dietitian based in Delaware with a passion for helping people get off the dieting roller coaster and adopt healthy habits that will not only help them achieve their present goals but maintain them long term. She has been active in the dietetics field for 6+ years with experience working clinically in long term care, as well as in the virtual nutrition and telehealth space with a focus on weight and diabetes management and prevention.

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    Food Philosophy:

    To April, all food fits, meaning she doesn’t believe in demonizing food or food groups but helping clients build or re-establish a positive relationship with the food they love while finding balance with eating patterns that will help them meet their health goals. One of her mantras is “progress over perfection”. She believes that while it can take time to make changes, everyone can make progress, it is just a matter of finding your focus and setting attainable goals. She enjoys working alongside her clients to find what meaningful change looks like for them and then helping them to establish realistic strategies they can master and build upon.

    Favorite Healthy Treat:

    Chocolate dipped strawberries (only dark chocolate will do!) with a little dollop of whipped cream.

    Favorite Fun Fact:

    April was in a power lifting competition in 2016 and won 1st place in her age group.

    Favorite Cuisine:

    April enjoys cooking and has so many favorite dishes from different cultures that picking one would be impossible. The two she finds herself making quite often are dishes that are Indian and Asian inspired.

    Favorite Hobbies:

    Spending time with her kids, family and friends, listening to live music, playing with food, working in the yard, going for long walks and hikes, and practicing yoga.

    Additional Info:

    April is originally from the Philadelphia area. She is now living in Delaware with her two children and her dog, Cody.

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