Heidi Morrissey (Foster), RD, LD

Heidi Foster is a Registered Dietitian in Cincinnati, OH and owner of Fostering Wellness. Heidi holds a degree from Ohio University in Applied Nutrition with a focus in Dietetics. Heidi completed her dietetic internship at Mississippi State University and is in the process of completing her master’s in Health Promotion. As a registered dietitian, Heidi has gained experience working with patients in both clinical and counseling settings. This experience includes teaching one-on-one cooking classes, giving grocery store tours, and helping clients build healthier relationships with food.

Heidi has a passion for real whole foods, cooking, and wandering around grocery stores (and farmer’s markets). She enjoys meeting people where they are on their health journeys, and helping them create more positive, lifelong habits to suit their goals.

A Message from Heidi:

I mainly work with women struggling with hormonal imbalances like PCOS, and digestive health issues (like Inflammatory bowel conditions and IBS). These are my FAVORITE groups to work with because diet can be SO helpful for these patients. I’d love for you to come work with me!

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