Jennifer McCahan, PhD, ND, RDN, LDN, CLT

Nutrition plays a crucial role in the body’s function. Food can either act like a medicine or a poison in the body. This was true with gluten and my body’s function. Gluten was a poison in my body and caused me excruciating back pain. Fifteen years ago it was removed from my diet and I have not had the pain since. 

My goal as a dietitian-nutritionist is to help people know the truth about nutrition and the importance of plant foods in the diet. Today’s diet culture seems to be ever-changing and it is my desire to increase people’s awareness of wholesome nutrition which has always been rooted in true healing.

My company is Healthy Healing Matters where I focus on nutritious eating as the main component of the body’s healing. It’s simplified as the healthy foods must be properly absorbed into cells for optimal nutrition and any unhealthy foods must be excreted from the body in order to decrease inflammation and toxic load. 

In addition to being a registered and licensed dietitian-nutritionist, I am a naturopath and have my PhD in naturopathy to promote good lifestyle choices to complement wholesome nutrition. Healthy Healing Matters more now than ever! 

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