Justine Rosado, MS, RD, CDN, CDCES and Mabel Lee, MS, RD, CDN, CDCESThe Nutrition Queens

Mabel Lee is a registered dietitian and diabetes specialist. She holds a bachelor of science as well as a master’s degree in nutrition and exercise science from CUNY Queens College. She has worked as an inpatient dietitian in one of the largest city hospitals where she was able to strengthen her clinical skills. With her years of experience, Mabel is able to bring credible and trustworthy nutrition advice to her clients living with chronic illnesses. She is currently practicing in an outpatient endocrinology setting where she works with patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes to create personalized nutrition plans in order to achieve their health goals.

Justine Rosado is a registered dietitian based in Queens, New York. She holds a dual bachelors degree in psychology and nutrition as well as a master’s degree in clinical nutrition. She began her career as a professional chef and was inspired by the relationship between food and health, prompting her to pursue her passion of clinical nutrition. She has a wealth of inpatient and outpatient experience providing individualized care for a wide spectrum of life stages ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. Currently, she specializes in medically supervised weight management and is adept at coaching individuals on sustainable, lifestyle change.

The Nutrition Queens’ core philosophies are rooted in inclusivity and acceptance. Our mission is to empower the diverse communities of NYC to achieve their lifestyle goals through personalized nutrition counseling.

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