3 Reasons Why “Just Lose Weight” is a Loaded Answer

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You’ve been there. You asked your provider how to improve your labs, how to lower your blood pressure, or how to alleviate your joint pain. Their answer: “just lose weight.”

As a Nurse Practitioner for over 20 years, I have wiped away many tears from patients who have been told this repeatedly without follow up, resources, or help. Will losing weight help with these things? While the answer may be yes, it is an over-simplified answer that is easier said than done.

In the United States, we spend $60+ Billion annually to lose weight.  Why aren’t we all healthy and satisfied?

I believe we have the will; we just don’t have the way. So, what complicates the issue?

First: we are flooded with misinformation and too many sources of “knowledge.” Should I fast? Eat keto or paleo or according to my blood type? Most medical providers have very little formal training in nutrition, so they turn to the “Food Pyramid” as a guide. The Food Pyramid has a heavy focus on grains and carbohydrates, but unfortunately, most of our heavily processed foods “fit” the category but provide little nutritional value and can contribute to insulin resistance and food intolerance.

Second: weight loss is NOT ‘one size fits all.’  We all know people who eat EVERYthing and never gain weight (remember, this does not mean they are necessarily healthy) while the rest of us gain 10lbs looking at a donut. There are so many factors that contribute to weight loss resistance. It is extremely important to have a team of Licensed providers on your side to help you figure out YOU. Thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances, stress, inflammation, and undiagnosed food intolerances can wreak havoc on your metabolism and make losing weight seem impossible. When you add chronic pain conditions, injuries or other limitations to exercise the barriers to success multiply.

Third: there are many psycho-social reasons for difficulty losing weight. You may be stuck in old patterns from childhood or ingrained after years of unsuccessful attempts to lose the weight and keep it off. The “clean plate club”, “all or nothing” thinking, and other similar patterns can be deeply entrenched and most of us need help and support to recognize and change those self-limiting beliefs.

“Just lose weight” is a loaded answer. You are more complex than that. You don’t need to be told what to do, but how to do it. You need a team of people who will listen to you, investigate, and offer support along the way.

Nutrition in Motion brings together licensed practitioners in a variety of specialty areas to help you navigate your unique goals and obstacles and find a path to success. When it comes to your health and weight it takes a team working with you, sometimes we all need a little support.

“You are not lazy. You are not choosing this. You are worth the effort. You are worth the support.”
Victoria is a Nurse Practitioner with Nutrition in Motion. She is passionate about helping individuals find a path to health by taking a comprehensive view of their symptoms and digging down to tackle the root causes and other barriers to success.
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