5 Reasons a Registered Dietitian Should Accept Insurance in Private Practice

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Nutrition services with a registered dietitian are covered by most insurance, but getting credentialed can be overwhelming and challenging. The good news is, Nutrition in Motion recognizes the value of accepting insurance payment for services in private practices and helps registered dietitians navigate the credentialing process by alleviating this burden.

So, why exactly should a registered dietitian accept insurance in a private practice? 

Here are five benefits of accepting insurance in your registered dietitian private practice:

Insurance Can Lead to New Clients

If a person or a company is looking to find a local registered dietitian who is an in-network provider with their insurance company, insurance can become a fruitful referral source. An increase in visibility means an increase in business.

Insurance Can Improve Client Retention Rates

Simply put, insurance is an incentive to keep clients returning. A lot of insurance plans cover a certain number of sessions per year, which means that a client on insurance is more likely to continue coming back to a registered dietitian based on what is covered by their plan.

Insurance Can Increase Your Scope of Clients

Insurance can relieve financial difficulties that may, in turn, open a registered dietitian up to a larger, vaster scope of clients. If you consider becoming a provider with insurance companies like Medicare and Medicaid, then you can more readily and easily connect with lower-income or elderly clients that require nutritional care; or another audience or population of patients who may not be able to afford care otherwise. Further, ​​a registered dietitian that accepts insurance can exponentially increase the number of people you’re able to work with, which not only makes nutrition health care an option for a larger array of people, but also still allows the provider to be reimbursed well.

Insurance Can Help Create Relationships with Other Medical Professionals

That’s right, insurance can help you to expand your professional network when it comes to establishing bonds and relationships with others in the medical field. Doctors may show more interest in referring clients if they know that a registered dietitian accepts insurance.

Nutrition in Motion Makes Accepting Insurance Easy

If the reasons above aren’t enough motivation, then here’s one more. Our goal is to advance the field of dietetics, which is why we offer insurance credentialing and business set-up services to help support registered dietitians in achieving private practice success. Your business is helping people, and our business is helping you. We work on behalf of the practitioner to submit and follow-up on applications and requisite documentation that will streamline the credentialing process and contract you with insurance carriers in your state. Not only will we help you get credentialed with the top carriers accepting new providers in your state, but we will also provide the support you need to successfully incorporate this service into your practice.

Nutrition in Motion has credentialed over 70 registered dietitians across 14 states. We work to understand the unique state, national, and carrier guidelines that specifically impact credentialing for dietitians in private practice so that you don’t have to tackle the hassle. We offer multiple levels of support to meet the needs of your growing registered dietitian practice.

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