Briana Bruinooge, RD, LD, CSSD, Certified Personal Trainer

Are you working out and dialing in your nutrition, but not making the gains you are striving for? You may be undereating, malabsorbing nutrients, or eating the wrong types of foods to fuel your body. I can help!

With a certification in personal training and strong background in sports nutrition, Briana can optimize your nutrition to meet your goals. She worked for the Minnesota twins during their spring training in 2018. She works with various college athletes as well as the individual working out at home or training for a sporting event like a triathlon. The best part about nutritional counseling is creating a meal plan and lifestyle that individuals can eat their favorite foods, feel satisfied, AND meet their goals without starving and depriving themselves. Life is all about balance and I’m here to guide, support and motivate you.

Check out my guest article for Backcountry Foodie on What to Eat and Drink While Exercising in Hot Weather!

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