Reducing Stress During Our “New Normal”

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“Social distancing”, “quarantine”, “pandemic”, “COVID-19” are all buzzwords that can heighten our stress and anxiety very quickly. With a progressing pandemic, many of us are in uncharted territory and do not know how to act or what to feel. You are NOT alone while feelings these emotions of uneasiness and tension as you navigate your “new normal”.

During this time, it is vital to implement techniques to ease our body and mind. Our physical and mental health are more important than ever right now.  Taking small steps each day to ease stress can play a big role in your short term and long term health. This checklist of de-stressing techniques will only take a few minutes out of your day.

Take 3 deep breaths: This is so simple and effective! Deep breathing increases oxygen supply to the brain, which can induce a state of calmness. Take these slow deep breaths a few times throughout the day when you feel stress increase.

Shift your mindset: negative thoughts à positive thoughts! Our mindset dictates our mood, our choices, and how we view situations. When you have a negative thought, challenge yourself to shift it to a positive ones. Some common examples are:

“I have nothing to eat in the house (when your pantry and fridge are packed with food)” shifts to “I have many different options, I just need to find what satisfies me the best”

“I am worried I am going to get sick” shifts to “I am going to do the best that I can to follow the guidelines to keep myself and the people I care about safe”

“I am going to run out of food” shifts to “I have what I NEED right now and I will be smart about the choices that I make and shop when I need to”

“Everything is closing and I am scared” shifts to “All important stores pharmacies and medical centers are staying open”

Take breaks throughout the workday. Our society is very fast paced which increases stress on a daily basis. When many aspects of life cause stress at once, it can sometimes feel like too much to handle. Take a 5-minute break from your workday a few times a day – that email, phone call or report can wait!

Eat Well! Eat a balanced meal with protein, carbohydrates and fats every few hours. Eating balanced meals frequently will help regulate hunger levels, regulate mood and regulate blood sugar levels. Work with a registered dietitian to come up with an eating plan that works best for you!

Practice self care: Sometimes we worry too much about others and don’t worry enough about ourselves! Each night, do one form of self-care. This can be meditation, reading a book, calling a friend, doing a face mask, painting nails, etc.

Make sure to take time to disconnect from the news and updates of the day and try some of these stress reducing techniques.

Need help creating strategies for mindfulness and healthy eating? Nutrition in Motion is always here to support your health journey! REMEMBER, VISITS WITH A REGISTERED DIETITIAN ARE COVERED BY MOST INSURANCE CARRIERS FOR IN-PERSON AND TELE-HEALTH VISITS. ASK US A QUESTION OR REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT TO LEARN MORE! 

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