Stay Active for Self Care: 7 Fitness Tips for Keeping Active While the Gym is Closed

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Right now, it is important for us to prioritize our health so you will hear a lot of professionals asking you to practice “self-care”. But what is “self-care” anyway? A few of the top suggestions include reducing stress, getting good sleep, and supporting our mental health.

Did you know that daily movement and physical activity can allow us to improve all these aspects of self-care?

I know it can be tough to start or keep a fitness routine, and now there is the added challenge of having to do it from home. So, I wanted to share with you some tips and resources to help you to support a healthy immune system by staying physically active.

Tip #1: Make gradual changes to your routine

In other words, do what your body is used to. It is not healthy for our immune system or our body to go from 0 to 100 or 100 to 0 with exercise. Try to maintain a routine that is similar to what your body is already used to. If you are trying to increase the frequency or intensity of exercise, increase gradually.

Tip #2: Listen to your body

Rest when you are tired. Those rest days are just as important to your body as the exercise plan

Tip #3: Do something you enjoy

Many associate exercise difficulty or discomfort which creates a mental barrier. Focus on the type of exercises that you enjoy. If it is walking or hiking outside – do that. If you love dancing – dance around your kitchen in your pajamas or do an online Zumba class!

Tip #4: Get organized

Structure can be so helpful in sticking to a routine, especially when your normal routine has obstacles thrown in the mix. Organizing a schedule and routine during this time will help you with both your nutrition and your fitness. An idea to organize your physical activity is to create a workout schedule on a blank calendar or in a planner.

Tip #5: Utilize free resources and get creative

Get creative with what you are doing. Use objects around your house to create resistance for resistance training. For example, using gallons of water for bicep curls and squats. If you are looking for some more options, see below for a list of some great online resources!

Tip # 6: Discover what motivates you

Do you need accountability? Find a workout buddy and set physical activity goals with your Registered Dietitian.

Do you need an end goal/structure? Join an online program for exercise. Several gyms and online fitness platforms have 4, 6, or 8-week programs and challenges you can join.

Do you struggle with forming habits? Treat your workout like an appointment with yourself. You would never miss a work or medical appointment so try setting an appointment time in your calendar and make that same commitment to yourself.

Tip #7: Get some sunshine

It is so good for us to get out outside. There are no social distancing restrictions on going outside.  Try to push yourself to get outside every day for 30 minutes. I promise that your body, and your mind will thank you.


Current resources for at home workouts:

  1. Beach body on demand – free 14 day trial
  2. Peloton App – Free 90 day trial
  3. STRONG by Zumba – free online classes until COVID-19 restrictions lifted
  4. Fitness Blender – free always
  5. Down dog: Great Yoga Anywhere App – Free until May 1st
  6. CorePower Yoga on demand – free selection of online classes
  7. Les Mills on Demand – Body combat, body pump, Barre, cardio training, etc. – Free 2 week trial
  8. Orangetheory fitness- during COVID-19 restrictions there are free workouts everyday posted on youtube
  9. For the kids – Comic Kids Youtube channel – yoga lessons on balance and strength
  10. Nike Training Club – Free until COVID-19 restrictions lifted

Need help creating a healthy eating plan for your activity level? Nutrition in Motion is always here to support your health journey! REMEMBER, VISITS WITH A REGISTERED DIETITIAN ARE COVERED BY MOST INSURANCE CARRIERS FOR IN-PERSON AND TELE-HEALTH VISITS. ASK US A QUESTION OR REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT TO LEARN MORE! 

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